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Twice As Nice

We have added a new curriculum to our preschool: Joyful Heart Bible And Rhyme for 3 year olds. I love this free, Bible-based program.  It includes lesson plans and craft/activity suggestions.  I am still using the Letter of The Week.  I think between the two, we are building a solid Biblical and academic foundation.

One of my favorite things about homeschooling is the flexibility to use more than one resource for teaching.  Nothing is set in stone.  I can keep what I like and disregard what’s not for us. I have learned so much this year about what works for us and what doesn’t.  I’m so glad that I started with preschool.  I don’t feel that trial and error (and there have been tons of error) at this point is detrimental to his overall education- I mean, really… he’s just three!
Now that we are using more than one curriculum, I am picking and choosing lessons between the two.  To help keep me focused, I designed my own lesson plan/worksheet. AND…I’m offering this freebie to you (go ahead, squeal if you want)!  There are so many great planners out there.  I just needed something a little more basic.  I like looking at the whole week, too. Click here for Scribd download. (The lines looks a little off in the preview window but “reappear” in the download.)
I’ve included some photos of other things we’ve added to our class room goodies.  
Happy Homeschooling!