Back to school time is so exciting! I love shopping for school supplies.  Ah the feel of new pens, new folders, and the smell of crayons.  Heaven.  Yeah- I’m nerdy like that.  This year we are doing a Preschool Review through the end of the year.  We will start Kindergarten in January.  My son just turned four.  I figured rather than have two years of one and one year of the other, I could do a year and a half of each.  This way we can go slowly.  You know – let it sink in.  We have short days and take frequent breaks.  We took some time off this summer.  I doubt I will do that again because he just “lost” too much.

For finishing the year, we will continue to use a combination of Letter of the Week and Joyful Heart. These two programs have provided a great learning experience- for both of us!  I’ve posted before on how much I like both of them. He’s having a great time.  I’m not to thrilled with all the prep, though.

Sure I know its a part of the job- I just wished I would have invested in printer ink stocks.  Man are we going through the cartridges!  In the last year alone, I’ve spent over  $400 in just ink and paper.  That just stinks, People.  Stinks!

Well, that got me thinking (and crying).  If I’m going to spend that much I may as well invest in a more “turn key” curriculum for Kindergarten.  After much research I decided on Little Hearts For His Glory by Heart of Dakota Publishing.

I was amazed at how many books came with the package.  It was VERY reasonably priced too!  I just squealed opening the box when it came in.  This curriculum is awesome!  Very little prep work involved.  Thanks to the teacher’s guide I don’t even have to write out lesson plans.  How cool is that?!

I’m confident that this will be a great Kindergarten experience.  I will enjoy being able to “school” during the day and spend my evenings relaxing with my family more.
 Less work + more fun = happy mom!

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