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Three in Thirty

Three in Thirty – Week Two

3in30 I'm In!!

I am so excited- I’ve gotten off to a terrific start this month!

  • I am on time with the #31DBBS Challenge. I really enjoy having a specific prayer focus for each day.  I printed the eBook and added it to my morning Power-Time routine. 
  • I have found a beautiful gratitude journal with photo capability. Ann Voskamp has a One Thousand Gifts mobile app! Wow, I mean what more can you say about that? I have it on my iPad and LOVE it.  Love it, I say. Being able to add the photos is just incredible.
  • I have posted both my organization post and my faith trial post. I hope it blesses you. 

It feels so good to be back in the groove and getting things done. You know what else feels good? Having a whole community of folks cheering you on! Thanks, #3n30 Ladies!

Three in Thirty : A Late Start

3in30 I'm In!!

My life and #3in30 got just a tiny bit interrupted during December and January (I’ll post about that later over on Practical Faith for Everyday Life). My overall goals for 2012 are in three broad categories:

Home & Family
Social Media
My goals for January/ February (a little late than never):
  1. Complete the 31 Days to Pray For Your Spouse Challenge
  2. Create or find an existing gratitude journal utilizing photographs
  3. Publish my post on organizational habits/tips and post about my recent faith trial.
These were some of the things that I wanted to accomplish in January – thank goodness for “carry over,” huh? I’m super excited about the 31 Days to Pray challenge. I’m also so thankful for the privilege of praying for my husband.  He’s truly a God-sent spouse.  I plan to post the organizational post this week here on MommieKate. The faith trial post…well, lets just say that’s a bit of a test for me. It’s hard for me to share the really personal stuff.  I posted about our pregnancy loss a year after it happened. It took a whole year just to work up the nerve.  I started blogging because I wanted to share my faith and encourage other women.  I’ve realized that sometimes I have to dig a little deeper. You can get fluff anywhere, right? Maybe what I’ve been through can bless someone else and the only way to know is to share it. Share it, I will.

Although the little #3in30 break was not planned- and I took a break from EVERYthing- I was able to spend time loving my family and living simply. That’s what it’s all about, anyway!

Three in Thirty

Weeks Three and Four (I can do that, right?)

These days have just been wild!  I’m not sure I’ll complete my #3in30 goals this month- I may just have to carry over into January. The upside: my mobile office is complete & my organizational post is ready to publish next month.   The downside: I have not even begun to type my homeschool scriptures.

This verse has been especially encouraging to me lately.  I hope it blesses you too.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Psalm 31:24

Three in Thirty

Week Two – Status

3in30 I'm In!!

Am I the only one feeling like there are not enough hours in the day? By the way, I still dream about having a Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons.  Could it really be that hard? Really? (Yes, Honey Hubby Wonderful Man this is a hint…)

Oh yeah: progress. Maybe I should have made getting the Christmas presents made/purchased one of my goals.  I’ve not bought ONE bless-ed thing.  Nope- not one. I’m usually so on top of that. I have been busy, though.  We’ve been camping, decorating, playdates…and working on my #3in30 goals.  Here’s my status:

  1. Typed List of Homeschool Scriptures – not yet started
  2. Organizational Post – working on this one. I’ve compiled ideas of what to include, taken pictures, edited pictures, and have rough draft started
  3. Create Mobile Office – DONE! I’ll share more about it in the organizational post.  Wanna sneak peek? Here ya go:
Idea from http://abowlfulloflemons.blogspot.com/

I’m wishing y’all #3in30 blessings and holiday cheer from my cozy, comfy Big Chair in front of the fire (so better than the office I had wanted and stressed over, silly me).

Three in Thirty

Week One – Roll Call

My goals this year have been to:

  1. Grow in my relationship with Christ
  2. Have fun with social media
  3. Continue to get organized.
In keeping with those overall goals, my December goals are to:
  • Type a list of homeschooling scriptures
  • Share some of my organization tips in a blog post (with photos)
  • Make a portable home office
I’ve gotten a bit of a head start with the mobile office.  I got the idea from A Bowl Full Of Lemons.  I’ve purchased the tote bag and folders.  Wish me luck!
3in30 I'm In!!

Three in Thirty

Week Four – Wrap Up

This is the short and sweet holiday version: I completed my goals! Yippie! Even though this month has flown by (and included both a surgery and a holiday) I consider it a huge success. I’m on top of my to-do list and have been very active in social media. I have had so much fun visiting my #3in30 friends. You are all so fun, encouraging, and just down right sweet!

I’m dashing off for another turkey & dressing sammich… catch ya’ later!

Three in Thirty

Week Three – Encouragement

3in30 I'm In!!

Whoa Baby, the month is just flying by!  With Thanksgiving fast approaching there seems to be so much more to do.  I am pleased (ok, really impressed with myself) that I have completed another #3in30 goal.  Yep, check another item off my list! Here’s my progress so far:

Finished – typing the scriptures from the book on the favor of God (see that book here).
Finished- gathering all passwords into a secure iPad app.
In Progress/On Target- setting aside blogging time (see big comfy writing spot here)

I can think of no better way to encourage you today than to encourage you in the Lord.  I want to share my Favor Scriptures with you! I spend “Power Time” everyday confessing scriptures out loud.  It will really rev you up and get you going.  Confessing God’s Word is a powerful prayer tool and a super- charge for your faith. Try it… you’ll like it! 🙂

Favor Scriptures

Favor Scriptures

Three in Thirty

Week Two- Progress

3in30 I'm In!!

I am really digging technology right now. Thanks to lovely gadgets,  I am writing my post from my big ole comfy chair. And it is big.  Big and comfy.  In front of the fire.  All nice and cozy.

Post-surgery bed rest has provided a kind of a mini- epiphany moment for me.  I’ve been stressing for-evhah about finding time to write.  I’ve had this idea of sitting at my desk, all alone, at an appointed time, with my research and notes all laid out before me.  I like things all straight, neat and nice like that.

Sunday by mrsmarybetht, on Pix-O-Sphere

All this time… and it’s been right here all along.  I don’t need a certain space or even quiet time.  It’s even better that I’m not alone.  Hubby and DS4 are happy watching a movie.  And I am happy with my notebook computer.  Perfect world.  They don’t feel neglected and I don’t feel like there’s not enough time for everything.  It’s working…for now.

I have already completed one of my goals.  I have finished gathering all passwords into a secure iPad app.  Loving the iPad, by the way.  It’s been wonderful entertainment while recuperating.  Not only is it entertaining, it’s a powerful organizing tool.  If I had acquired it earlier, I wouldn’t have troubled with my home management binder.

I’ll be setting aside time each night to type my new scripture confessions.  I’ll also set aside time on Saturdays to write.  I’m pleased so far.  And comfy.  Really comfy. I’m going to be surfing this weekend from my cozy spot- checking up on my #3in30 Gals.

Three In Thirty

Week One – November Goals

3in30 I'm In!!

#3in30 has really helped me get things in order. Even in the months that I didn’t officially participate in the blog challenge, I did spend time intentionally growing in my relationship with the Lord, participating in social media, and getting my home organized. These little monthly snippets have yielded great overall progress that I am proud of. I’m so inspired and encouraged by reading your posts. I have gotten so many great ideas and learned so much from each of you…big thanks…y’all are fantastic!

This month I am going to:
Type out the scripture references from the inspirational book I read in October,
Continue writing on Saturdays, and
Compile all my passwords in a secure application/location.

I will be using (get ready for the shout out) my new iPad2 to accomplish these goals. Thank you to my wonderful hubby for such a great anniversary present! Smooch smooch to you, Honey.

Three in Thirty

Wrapping Up

3in30 I'm In!!

I have completed my goals (well, almost). I have just a few pages left in my inspirational book. I have set Saturdays as my day to write (yeah, let’s see if that one works out). I have decorated my home for fall. It feels so good to complete something.

I’m already looking ahead to November.  What about you? Are you getting close to the finish line? I’m so proud of all of us- not for accomplishing the goals, though.  I’m proud that we set goals and worked on them.  We’ve spent intentional time improving our lives and our homes.  Any progress at all is worthy of applause.  I’m clapping for you.  Oh wait: I have to stop typing.  OK, now I’m clapping for you. Great job, Ladies!