imageI’m a farm-living, coffee-drinking, art-making, photography-loving, homeschooling, work-at-home mom. My mission is to live and to share the love of Jesus in everyday, ordinary, practical ways. I live simply, laugh often, and love deeply. Because motherhood is often hard work, I want to love on moms with encouragement, tips, prayer, and any other little ‘ole tidbit I can think of to brighten your day and make your job easier. I hope to inspire you with fresh ideas, empower you with knowledge to make choices that move you closer to who you want to be, and equip you with cool tricks, simple hacks, and products/services that will simplify your busy life.

I’ve been asked why “Mommie Kate?” When I first started the mommy blog (waaaaaaaay back in 2008) my husband was concerned about our privacy. I picked the name to describe what the blog was about (topics for mommies) and used Kate- my family’s nickname for me. What about our tribe of “Wild Women?” Any mom can attest: motherhood is a WILD ride! I’ve found too that motherhood, Christian discipleship, and any true act of devotion or creativity usually requires wild abandonment.

I offer you a safe community and a sister to journey with on this screaming kids, sticky fingers, lack of sleep, what’s for supper, crazy mom trip. Let’s learn together and cheer each other on!


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