Month: October 2013

Moonlight Over the Mountain

I wish this photo could do justice to the majesty of the moment. The full moon rising over the mountain just took my breath away tonight.

We sat wrapped in blankets for awhile just watching in awe.

Then we danced. Laughed. Gave thanks. 
We breathed deep- savoring the clean mountain air. We’ve worked so hard to get here! Tonight we rest and admire the view.

Patience Pays

Somehow I knew when I married this man of mine that life was going to get… adventurous. Complicated, crazy, wild- those words come to mind too but adventurous is so much nicer.
We’ve been living in beautiful Kentucky now for a year. It is time to put down some roots, sooooooo…

We’ve pulled the RV out to a farm! Now I have to confess: this photo is not MY farm. It’s a lovely local barn. I have a thing for barns. My farm is still “cooking,” so to speak.  We have to develop a road, build a barn, purchase livestock and equipment. My son and I are going to be very busy trying to get a good start before cold winter sets in.
Patience has paid off, my dear friends. We have a beautiful site in which to live, kind neighbors, and a grand adventure ahead of us. This year has taught me so many things. I’ve learned to do a lot more with a lot less. I’ve learned that patience is more of endurance than it is “putting up with.” I’ve especially learned that love indeed NEVER fails.