Month: December 2011

Are You Coping With Grief or Loss?

The holidays can be difficult- especially if you are dealing with tragedy.  If you need a shoulder to lean on, please follow this link.  You’ll be redirected to a post I published last year.  In it I share how my husband and I recovered from loss during the holiday season. I hope you find it helpful.

Three in Thirty

Weeks Three and Four (I can do that, right?)

These days have just been wild!  I’m not sure I’ll complete my #3in30 goals this month- I may just have to carry over into January. The upside: my mobile office is complete & my organizational post is ready to publish next month.   The downside: I have not even begun to type my homeschool scriptures.

This verse has been especially encouraging to me lately.  I hope it blesses you too.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Psalm 31:24

Three in Thirty

Week Two – Status

3in30 I'm In!!

Am I the only one feeling like there are not enough hours in the day? By the way, I still dream about having a Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons.  Could it really be that hard? Really? (Yes, Honey Hubby Wonderful Man this is a hint…)

Oh yeah: progress. Maybe I should have made getting the Christmas presents made/purchased one of my goals.  I’ve not bought ONE bless-ed thing.  Nope- not one. I’m usually so on top of that. I have been busy, though.  We’ve been camping, decorating, playdates…and working on my #3in30 goals.  Here’s my status:

  1. Typed List of Homeschool Scriptures – not yet started
  2. Organizational Post – working on this one. I’ve compiled ideas of what to include, taken pictures, edited pictures, and have rough draft started
  3. Create Mobile Office – DONE! I’ll share more about it in the organizational post.  Wanna sneak peek? Here ya go:
Idea from

I’m wishing y’all #3in30 blessings and holiday cheer from my cozy, comfy Big Chair in front of the fire (so better than the office I had wanted and stressed over, silly me).

Three in Thirty

Week One – Roll Call

My goals this year have been to:

  1. Grow in my relationship with Christ
  2. Have fun with social media
  3. Continue to get organized.
In keeping with those overall goals, my December goals are to:
  • Type a list of homeschooling scriptures
  • Share some of my organization tips in a blog post (with photos)
  • Make a portable home office
I’ve gotten a bit of a head start with the mobile office.  I got the idea from A Bowl Full Of Lemons.  I’ve purchased the tote bag and folders.  Wish me luck!
3in30 I'm In!!