Buckle up, Peeps, we are on the go!
I55 at St. Louis
Road trip! After months of searching we found THE camper that is just perfect for us.  We traveled 14 hours (one way) to pick it up.  Round trip we traveled over 1600 miles in just three days. Yes, it was exhausting but so worth the trip (I’ll dish on the savings later)!
Are we there yet?
I have to brag just a bit- my DS3 was an absolute champ!  I wasn’t very confident about his ability to endure such a long time in the truck without multiple melt-downs. Heck, I wasn’t sure I could endure the trip without multiple melt-downs! He was great! We all had a super time watching the scenery, singing along to the cd player, and visiting with each other.  The promise of a nightly swim at the hotel was a great incentive for good behavior, by the way.
Why on earth would we voluntarily embark on such a journey? To save a boat load of bucks, that’s why!  For us camping is a way that we can vacation without breaking the bank. We can do more, see more, go more often for a lot less money.  After a few attempts at tent camping, we decided that sleeping on the ground was not for us.  Face it, for me to consider it fun I have to sleep comfortably.  I want a cushy bed and air conditioning/heating at the end of the day. A microwave in case of a rained-out campfire helps too! 
We researched for months. We had to figure out what we wanted in a camper and balance that with what my husband’s truck could haul and with what our budget could handle. When we decided on a few models we started scouting dealers and classifieds.  We purchased our camper at Cheyenne Camping Center.  Even with what we spent traveling to pick it up, we saved between $5-10,000.00 for what the same model was going for locally.  We purchased a brand new 2012 model for LESS than the price of many used ones we saw for sale.  
Was this my original plan for seeing the world?  No. Sometimes you have to have to adjust. Even when your dream seems impossible I have found that there is always a way, ALWAYS. You just have to be open to new/different paths to getting what you want. Sometimes it turns out even better!
Our adventures begin!