It seems like FOREVER since I have had the opportunity to sit at the computer. The feeling that there is never enough time prompts me to discuss it in this latest post. In the valiant effort to keep the house clean, get the laundry done, stock the groceries, pay the bills, etc., it is so easy to let the really important things slip. In our never ending to-do list, have we forgotten our Lord, our spouse, our children? Sure we spend time with them but are we really with them – engaged in them or just beside them? My two year old is growing at lightening speed. It hurts to know that his requests for “rock me, please” will be less and less as he matures. So I spend 30 extra minutes in the rocker with him, so the house is not perfect, so I get up a little earlier tomorrow to make up the slack…so what. These precious moments remind me to get my priorities straight. What is on the top of your to-do list? Bump it for extra prayer time with God, a picnic with your kids, a movie with your husband, coffee with your mum – the chores will wait.